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Thread: I am a new member. THUS I DESERVE A WELCOMING THREAD

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    I'm Not a Spammer!
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    Whoa, so many welcomings =)
    Rio: I definitely won't forget about this place, I can (almost) promise that!
    I just need a little more time to feel comfortable with the forums (not that I'm not), and I'll start being active.
    AlmanacnamedTime: I suppose learning Spanish is kind of hard (if Spanish isn't your native language, of course). So many rules and exceptions...

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    No man, learning is easy, keeping my fluency was not.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Liebe View Post
    I pegged you as a sadist, nyuck nyuck.
    My Story Thread

    If you took the time to read this, you can just call me Al, or Stan.


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