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Thread: GaBo's works: Robot thing

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    I really like that robot, if it had been a toy like that it would probably have been one of my favorites as a kid. With ball joints throughout the legs you could probably have it stand on any kind of surface.

    In general I agree with this tho
    Quote Originally Posted by theAnimeRebel View Post
    Here's a tip in general: I know these are just doodles/sketches, but try to use more confidence in your line work. (This is a problem I have too) Lines should be fluid, "skritching" can only get you so far, and it lends itself to concentrating too much on one section of the figure which makes the whole image go to pot. If you're using a tablet (which I assume you are for the majority of these guys) then maybe just try using a higher opacity. *shrugs*

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    Been meaning to comment here for a while... The mecha thingy, for starters, is extremely nice. I like how you blended in realistic vehicle details like the box sections on the legs. Can't help but feel like it could have been greatly improved my more thought having gone into the head, through. Right now it's not bad skill wise, but just kinda flat and boring. What JJJorgie was saying about the weight distribution could probably have been solved simply by giving him more armour on the left shoulder, too. But yeah, like I said, it is extremely nice. :p

    Other than what has already been said about the viking kid, I also feel like the top part of his chest ends much too low down. Alrough that could also to be to do with the fact that his torso is kinda small overall...

    I'll be lurking here in future, anyhow, like I really should have been doing for a while now. ;I


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