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Thread: Zero's place: new here.

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    Zero's place: new here.

    Hi, I'm relatively new here and I've been wanting to work on my artwork for awhile but got a little busy. Thinking now is the time to start improving.

    Haven't drawn anything in awhile and am trying to dust off this old tablet I have. Feels a little weird at first but I'm trying to get used to it so I did something simple.

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    Looks nice with all the small illuminated areas. I'd suggest that you stay away from using too much black though. Pure black and pure white is best treated kinda like how you would put salt in food; a little can make it better but too much will make it inedible. Keep on using that tablet, you'll overcome the uncomfortable part soon enough

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    Along with what Rubisko said, her eyebrow's a bit too low and usually, eyebrows extend past the eye itself in length.
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    I actually disagree about the black and white thing...

    Differing styles are differing styles. The only major fault that I can see with this image is that her eyebrow seems to start and end too early... That, and maybe her lower eyelid could have done with more detail?

    It's a pretty good start, anyway.


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