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    Hi, I've written this series I'd like to make into an animation entitled 'Dread'. Help would be dearly appreciated. Thanks. The book is available for purchase:
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    So, do you want people to buy this to see if they're interested in helping?
    Maybe stuffs to be made for deviants soon

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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    By requests we mean tasks or jobs. By tasks we mean doing things that don't involve money. So asking people to give you money and to support you is really not allowed. If its not stated anywhere then it's more of an unwritten rule.

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    If you interested I guess you can buy it, but my request is to start the animation on it. You can read a sample on the site, to know if you want to help or not.

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    Lol. So you are asking to any person interested, to pay, even if they are not sure to be 100% committed to it. So you are actually taking money away of people who could help you before you start discussing payments or anything else.

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    Not necessarily. If your interest, tell me and we can discuss any future. You don't have to buy the book, but you can if you want, I just thought I'd share it, in-case anyone just wanted to read it.

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    Behind you.

    Hey... uhm.... You do realize how terribly difficult animation is, right? It takes a TON of practice and hard work... people aren't going to throw good effort away for free.

    My advice? First, you need to improve your drawing there... a lot... before anyone will actually consider partnering for animation.

    But hey, that's what this sight is for... we're here to help you get better.
    "Make sure the room is brightly lit and stay far away from the TV."

    (Also, I'M BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!)

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