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Thread: Hey there, fellow artists! ( BIG image included inside )

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    Wink Hey there, fellow artists! ( BIG image included inside )

    Hey there, Hello. Yes you! My name is Enavious and it's nice to meet you, I was told by a friend to visit this website / forum and I really liked to look of it, I felt the need to register.

    Any beepboop, a little about myself. I'm 24 years old, from England and I've been drawing on and off for most of my life, I haven't drawn properly for 5-6 years and i've mainly only doodled eyes or little things while I've been at work and I've gotten into gaming and it took me away from my drawing but I'm really eager to get back into it and make something useful out of it, still got much to master ( I suck at drawing hands >_< ).

    I couldn't find any rules about posting an image in this section so here's a Dragon head that I drew today for practice and for you guys just to see how much I really want to get back into the swing of things ( took me roughly 10 minutes or so to draw it - some errors I know :P). - Thanks for reading, can't wait to get to know the community. - PEACE!


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    Nice dragon head that you have drawn.
    Just wondering are you planning to focus on manga style or do you do a more broad range of art styles?

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    Hi! I love the dragon you drew; I am not too good at drawing those, any tips hehe?


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