Okay, so some of you may know, and some may not, but on the old forums I created a thread called "The Problem Thread." The basic idea for this thread was to post your problems, and people would try to help out or even point out what you can do to make the situation better. The same theme applies here, and I'll be watching over this thread like Rio watches over people who return and make their own thread in the Welcome Wagon, (and in case you didn't know, she kicks them to the curb. ) so here's a few basic ground rules:

NO MAKING FUN OF OTHER PEOPLES' PROBLEMS. We're here to help out, not to be inconsiderate jerks and depress the hell out of people.

NO SPAMMING. There's a place for that, it's called the chatterbox.

NO TROLLING/FLAMING. The last thing I want in this thread is people fighting each to the point where this thread is virtually useless.

NO WHINING. This means no talking about how bad your life is, or about near-death experiences. We're here to make you happier, and frankly, that makes us want to stop.

So yeah...Just post your problems in hopes of getting aided in them. Good luck, if it's neccessary.