As the title suggests, we planned a little meetup of the Dutch MT peepz. Unfortunately Shoarma couldn't make it, and we hadn't heard from HellBaron (whom Bya assures me she PM'ed about this). So in the end, it was just me, Bya and Taragon, the three stooges?

Whilst I can't speak for the others, I believe fun times were had. We played pool for a bit (which demonstrated to us how one can randomly become godly at the game and then suddenly become the worst player in the history of all games of pool (and vice versa)), and then went to some pubs. Knowing each other from MT did help, I found we connected pretty well (well I did, Bya and Tara already knew each other).

It was an experience worth repeating

Bya took a bunch of photos, which she has assured me she will post here. So while we wait for that, I'll leave you with an actionshot of Bya being pro-1337 at pool:

Meanwhile Taragon managed to sneak his face behind the lamp. Such mystery.