Eh, printing it is a bit hard to help you with. Finding a small publishing group (like Sweatdrop UK) is probably the way I'd go, but I don't really have any ways of knowing which ones in the US are half-decent. The most helpful page I've seen on the subject generally is probably this one. and I've heard good things about (the first is cheaper, but the second gets you Amazon listings and crap like an ISBNumber), but yeah, haven't actually used either.

Digital distribution for both marvel and tokyopop is handled by comixology, which is completely free to upload to and quite free market... But eats up exactly 50% of your profits. Not sure I would go for that personally, and other peeps seem quite rare.

I guess a third option is if you keep the comics free, get some advertisements going on project wonderful or something, and then sell just a few special editions or weird figurines or plushes or what have you. Probably the hardest option, but all of the ultra-famous webcomics like xkcd, vg cats, and what have you, manage to stay afloat by this. I'd recommend this if you have a single really good idea that you think your flavour of fanbase would like, otherwise not sure. (Demented board game with bizarre rules, anyone? :o)

But yeah. Obviously, grain of salt and all that, since a successful comic author reg is not.