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Thread: Where Did You Come From?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil_Cake View Post
    too many frickin ancestors to know for sure though.

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    lets see my gr8 granpappy my GMA's dad was from poland idk bout his wife
    my gr8 gramama my grampa's mum is from germany idk bout her husband
    idk anything about my dads side of the family. his mum was an orphan and his dad left him when he was a lil babby.

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    My father's mother is linked to Rembrandt somehow. I'll ask her how exactly, but it's pretty cool.

    Yet I posses no drawing skills whatsoever.

    Such is life I suppose...
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    My dad's dad Giuseppe was born in 1899 in the town of Sulmona in the region of L'Aquila in Italy. (He came from a long line of Italian peasants.) When he was a teenager he was drafted to fight in WWI. We're not quite sure where he fought, as it was a terrible experience and he never really talked about it. We do know he fought in the trenches and was attacked with mustard gas at some point. During the 1920s he came to the US to look for work. After a few years making money, he returned to Italy to find a wife. This he did. While he planned to stay in Italy, the fascist direction of the country made him fearful, so he returned to the US with my grandmother, Maria. They settled in the midwest and he worked in a glass factory for the rest of his life. He also had the flu of 1918 and smoked, so when you consider the rest of the shit that happened to him, it's a miracle he didn't die of something lung related. Giuseppe and Maria had 6 kids, of which, my dad is the youngest and the only one to have gone to college, let alone grad school. He worked as the Energy Manager for a US capital for 20+ years, but is currently retired.

    My mom's side has a lot more history. Both of my mom's parents can trace their roots back to William Bradford, Governor of Plymouth Colony and documenter of the Mayflower's trip across the Atlantic. I am also descended from Giles Corey, the "witch" that was pressed to death during the Salem Witch Trials. His last words were "More weight." As for more recent times, my mother's maternal grandfather was the Doctor Reverend, Henry Smith Leiper. He did all sorts of things. In 1918 he went to China as a missionary with his wife and my then infant grandmother. While there, he did worked on educating students. Of note, there was a certain student who showed incredible promise in HLS' eyes, so he often lent him the keys to the library after instructing him in tennis. That student's name was Mao Zedong. In 1922 HLS returned to the US and worked with multiple faith organizations. Throughout the early 1930s he took many trips to Germany, and as such, became a major critic of Nazism and antisemitism. In 1938 he became one of the founding members of the WCC and served as Associate General Secretary and worked on refugee projects throughout WWII. HLS' daughter Juliet married my grandfather, Homer.

    Homer was very bright, and skipped six grades while in elementary school. He graduated from OSU with a Ph.D in chemistry when he was 25 and avoided being drafted in WWII as he was needed as a scientist. He has (had?) a patent for the invention of detergent jet fuel. He also was an avid coin collector. So many damn coins. It was ridiculous when he died. He and Juliet had 5 kids, of which, my mother is the youngest. She is currently a college professor.

    Think that's everything of note.
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    You're my favorite.

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.

    1:28 for historical accuracy

    Nah but on the reals, my family history is so scattered, especially on my dad's side, since he was adopted by his grandparents. I don't know -shit- about my dad's real mother or father, so his grandparents were always considered his mother and father, and also my grandparents as well. I know my grandad was hyper-african, and my grandmother native. My grandad fought in WWII and worked with copper and made a massive amount of money.

    On my moms side uhhh.... I still don't know much. My mom's side is a lot more mixed with like Irish, non-irish white, native, african, fuck knows what else.

    Basically I don't know shit.
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    Mom is filipino.

    Her mother is a moro (filipino muslim) and her father is a weird amalgamation of chinese filipinos and spanish filipinos.

    Dad is white so who cares.

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    I thought you were caught by a chinese fishing boat in the pacific gyre

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    I worry mine would just go down a bit like this:

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    all of these stories are awesome, history rocks man
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