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Thread: Where Did You Come From?

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    Where Did You Come From?

    So, while I'm applying for my Portuguese citizenship I'm finding out a bunch of cool shit about my family. I figure it'd be cool to find out some cool family history/geography for everyone.

    I'll go first, you can also omit any information you choose or add anything you think is cool. I'm not here to pry.

    I've omitted names and exact birth places due to my grandfather being a criminal and still being alive, I have a feeling that letting this kind of information slip could actually lead to putting my family in danger. ._.

    So let's go back a bit.

    On one side we have my father, P. da Silva. He was born in Australia. His parents, F. da Silva, and M. da Graca Silva were from Portugal. I don't know where they were born, cause tbh I don't know much about this side of my family.

    My great grandfather was wanted by the Portuguese secret police for speaking out against the church, I wonder where I got my disdain for religion from. But basically, he fled the country. His son, who hadn't been born at the time, was given his mother's maiden name da Silva. We have a true family name, but because of that whole speaking out against the church thing, we were all given the name da Silva. Except for my uncle Flamino, he got the true name to prevent that from dying out.

    Ironically, it's the da Silva name that's going to die out with me as I haven't taken it. Unless I give one of my kids the da Silva name, something to think about I suppose.

    Then on the other side, we have my mother, J. Daly. She was born in Venezuela. Her father, J. Daly, was born in Chile. Her mother, M. Daly, was born in Holland.

    J. Daly is a con-artist. Like, 100% legit, he is a con-man. He even hired a criminal kingpin as his head of security. I don't know exactly what kind of enemies he had or has, but I assume he stole a lot of expensive things. Years back I met him when he came to Australia, he stayed with us for a while, opened his container full of paintings, books, and furniture like crystal decanters, and sculptures; he divided all of the stuff in the container between his ex-wife and three daughters and then left. I haven't seen or heard of him since.

    My grandmother was an entertainer in World War II, she was sent out to where the soldiers were stationed and sang/danced. I think she was a con-artist as well, she's been married and divorced multiple times, each time coming out with more assets and money than before.

    So that's the family history that I know of in a nutshell, share yours if you feel so inclined, I think it's interesting.
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