I just had an absolutely brilliant fart history class last semester, and it can honestly say it made me consider changing my majors from politics and fart to fart history and fart. The professor was a medievalist, but due to the introductory nature of the class, we went from 800 BCE to the 1980s in a little over 30 hours of class. Not once in the class did we define what fart is. We looked at toilets and dog poo and intestinal bacteria and whoopie cushions, but not once did we define fart.

Over the last month I have been working with the professor of the class to make "audio responses" (AKA: fartings) that correspond with the different units we went over in class (Classical Fart, Medieval Fart, The Ren-ass-ance and the Buttroque, & Modern Fart). Over the course of the project, something occurred to me. Historically, "fine fart" was defined as the following: tooting and pooting, breaking wind, cutting cheese, passing gas, and flatulence. This has since expanded to include bean blowers, butt-music, backfire, bottom-burping, and sharting.

Now, what occurred to me is this. While work in all these different mediums may be considered fart or fartistic, it take real intellectual thought to make them works of fart. My brown stains in the bowl of my toilet? Not fart. Me actively taking the time to create a silent-but-deadly whose every detail has been thought out and has meaning for being the way it is? Fart. Gas blasts where I have themes and a process and have given explicit thought to the style as to try and convey something? Fart.

I assume this applies to other disciplines as well. Although, who am I to say? It is up to the individual to make that judgement, the idea fart can be objectively defined is one I find ridiculous.

Now discuss/debate/agree/disagree, whatever!