Is there a place where story tellers can suggest some concepts and what not, not entire stories, just small elements of them, and get a little feedback on it’s pros, cons, and how to tastefully handle it and stuff like that?

Just throw out something like: “would having a universe where magic is commonly possible, but it’s extent changes from time to time? Like, for 10 years, even weak wizards would be capable of nuclear level destruction, and then it would cycle so that even the best wizards could barely produce the power for an explosion with the force of a stick of dynamite. It would then eventually cycle back, and forth, and through other such limits, thus making technology still worthwhile as there will be long periods of time that magic just doesn't do it. Can this be handled well, or would it just look like you’re copping out and changing the established mechanics of your story because you want a change of status quo that wouldn't otherwise work?”

And you’d get some replies like: “I think that might work, but you’d have to add a lot of extra effort not to make it seem cheap. Maybe have the magic-level change be something on a fit schedule.” or “No, it’s gonna turn out badly for you, because your audience will get tired of the gimmick, and not feel like the mechanics of your universe have any grounding.

I think such a thing would be really cool, and you could get some inspiration for your own stories based on interesting concepts other people put out. So here's a thread to do just that. You can also point out concepts and elements that are already in a story, and discuss how they do and don't work.