I've never been fond to drawing/painting. I've been a musician (or at least pretending to be, haha) for years, and that was mainly all the touch I had with the "art world". But recently I found myself writing and drawing quite often. I don't have time to spend on it though, studies take mostly all of it. But again, every free time I manage to get, I use it to draw and write.
I must say that I really got into it. I want to clarify, I'm not good, I'm really far from good. But looking at how my drawings grow day by day is very satisfactory.
Then, I found this site. It really helped me to motivate myself to keep drawing and to keep learning. I've seen the work of many of you and I must say that I'm really impressed. There are very good artists here, or at least, potencially good ones.
So I decided to create myself an account and start to get to know all of you and your work. And, who knows, maybe we learn from each other.
I'm Carvi (Actually no, but that's how everyone calls me) and I'm 20.
And this post is mainly to say: Hello everyone!

(PD: Please forgive errors on my writing. Although I speak english very well, it's still a second language to me, so I apologize in advance for every mistake that I may, and will certainly, do.)