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Thread: What's Up :D

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    What's Up :D

    So.. where do I start?

    I guess it goes without saying I'm here to learn n' stuff. Although there's a bit more to that; my drawings seem to impress everyone in my school (there's even a girl who's become jealous and competitive for like no reason smh) except myself, because I compare my stuffs to what's on the internet and get kinda depressed lol. But I love to draw, sooo much. And because of that, I asked my brother for an Ipad for christmas. What does he do? He gets me a Cintiq 22HD. Yeah... so now, I'm trying to learn how to draw and how to draw with a Cintiq.

    Lucky Star was my first manga, and Sailor Moon was my first anime. It took me a while realize how ridiculous magic girls are after that lol. As of late though I haven't been watching much anime, because I have become a hardcore gamer (I think?). After playing certain games, Final Fantasy in example I find it hard to find the same thrill in anime and manga. Like, I used to like Gundam. I used to. I thought it was cool seeing these specific tier mechs kick everyone's ass... Until I played Armored Core... where half of the 'fodder' can actually kill you, your own weapons can hurt you, and you can actually be a villain. Since that I've been looking down upon overpowered heroes. Attack on Titan and Claymore fortunately does not fall under that category, so I'm soo into those.

    I'm also working on my own story. My drawings are an embarrassment atm (atleast IMO), and no one I know likes to read, so therefore I can't get an opinion on it. Maybe when I improve...

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
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    Do you like big boobs? Dragons? Ninja? Martial arts? Wizards? Then click here and make all your wildest dreams come true!!

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    Welcome, welcome!!
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    Wait wait wait. Magical girls are super cute and they're like awesome and unridiculous and like-

    Well, at least the ones in Madoka Magica. And they're fun to draw, 'cause you get an excuse to draw overly sweet and pink stuff with lots of ribbons. But actually, I've never seen or read an anime/manga about magical girls except for Madoka Magica, so I don't know. eheheheh.

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    I look forward to seeing your art, welcome to MT

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    post your story and send me a link via private message
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