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Thread: Day dreamers

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    Hmm I don't think about anything too often but when I do it's usually way too long to just be sitting there thinking which is usually in the shower, always end pissing someone off with that one.
    I get lost in thought about pretty much everything and anything from really important stuff like finances to useless crap like what should I watch next then I get lost about how amusing the last I just watched was.

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    I daydream a lot... when i'm quiet, i'm usually daydreaming :l I usually can do it while doing other stuff as well. The things i daydream about can vary a lot as well(daydream about negative and positive stuffs), although i usually daydream about my OWN scenario's like i'll always will be the main character in my daydreams..

    And yes i can become emotional of my own daydreams :')
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