Right, i doesn't known if you want to known about my country, state and city but... i really think that you don't know too many things about the brazil...

here is some things that i think about Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul and Porto Alegre, My Country, State and City where i've born.

------------------------------Brazil ( Brasil in my language ) -------------------------------------

Well, here it is hard to find someone patriot, I rarely encounter anyone patriot here ... I used to work at a radio station of Latin America, and the most patriotic people I met were Colombian -- '

Television shows Brazil as what? the country of samba, joy, party all the time ... and also shows the favelas of Rio de Janeiro as peaceful places dominated by drug dealers (mostly) ... well, about the favelas in Rio de Janeiro I do not know, but here there is not party all the time the samba no longer reigns in this country, here is what reigns is the Funk, do not confuse our funk to funk you hear by there, seriously, there is nothing similar. our funk says something like this in most of the songs:

- Do not look at side, because the gang is going, and if you stay kidding ... the fight begins.
( Não olha pro lado, quem tá passando é o bonde, se ficar de caôzada... a porrada come. )

and here we have a type of Country style... we used to call it " Sertanejo " but an guy with an stupid mohawk has changed this... now it's " Sertanejo Universitario " ( it's something like, country songs played by students )
the music don't have nothing so terrible, but it follow something like...

If i catch you, if i catch you, if i catch you, a simple verse, if i catch you, if i catch you, if i catch you, the same verse, if i catch you... and continues like by some, 2 minutes.

our politicians steal our money on our front, and nobody do nothing... yeah, there are some people that call us of stupids, but i have a faith on us...

now the good things...

There's some people who say that the most beautiful girls has birth here in brazil...

------------Rio Grande do Sul ( In general translation for english, South Big River )------------------

But Tchê bah! Here is where masculinity flows of the soil, here we are real men!

We, the Gaúchos ( how we are called ), really love our land, we have an enormous story of revolution, heroes and legends ( ok, the legends part it's a little exagerated )

we have the true Churrasco, it's like a barbecue, but i don't known why, our Churrasco, it's better, i really don't know, maybe it's the secret sauce that my family put on their Barbecues...

here we hear our traditional music, the Gauderia ( it's like... i can't explain, just hearing to say... search in the google, As Melhores Musicas Gauderias, surely you'll find something... )

------Porto Alegre ( Happy port, doesn't say anything, i don't known why has this name... ) ------

well, the Rio Grande do Sul is porto alegre, really, this is our capital, here our culture is centered.

on city roads you can find bearded men on horses carrying the flag of our state.

but not all are like that, most are kids who do not even know who the tatters of the war of the Revolução Rio-Grandense ( The Rio-Grandense Revolution. )

Well, i guess it is it... it's a little big but... I summarized as much as possible ^^

i hope you've liked this, don't forget, this, is MY opinion of the Brazil... if you want to known what the media says search on the google. u.u