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    Psycho Place [#1]

    Psycho Place< Click the damn thing, read the damn thing, hate the damn thing

    Here's a copy-pasta from the blog I wrote for it so I don't have to write something about it everywhere I post it.

    Getting this all off my chest cause whew. It was a ride.

    Straight to the point, the idea for the characters sprouted up in a notebook I shouldn't of been doodling in back in my junior year of HS in 2008. It was something like space slugs with guns fighting some kind of resource war with each other, and so one side decided to get the upper-hand, and started to make psychic super soldiers. Yep.

    I actually had planned for this whole thing to be a game, because back then I was using GameMaker a lot. So I started working on the game, the first one failed horrible and was never finished. The second iteration did a bit better but never leave alpha, and the same thing with the third iteration which I quit working on back in 2010. Long story short, they all faiiiiilllleeeeed. But I loved the characters I had made so much I just kept trying to figure out a way to bring them to life somehow, other than countless random OC drawings.

    The idea for the comic came up maybe a year ago, but after working on my last comic (Triple Flip-- comic about skateboarding) which did meh from 2010-2011, I had stopped with comics and focused more on my 'real' art. And sooo, anyways.

    I started to work on prototype sketches for how the comic would look October 2013, all of which just didn't work for me.

    I started to really dig into the project and just go head first into the brick wall early December, but this all came after I had an art epiphany and realized I worked far more effective and faster in the traditional medium. After a few test sketches , writing the horrible script up and etc. I went full force at it, and started the first page on Dec 17. The process looked a little something like this: thumbnails, rough fullpage sketches (all 18 pages), draw over the roughs with tight lines and final details (all 18 pages, gahhhh), scan those in, edit, change contrast and etc, figure out what color style I wanted to use if any, do that for all 18 (well, like 20 or something counting the extra pages), and finally edit and/ or rewrite the script to fit the panels better and then toss em into fancy little boxes in Photoshop. I also worked with a self-imposed deadline to get this done and out by 2014, so here it is, BOOM. As much as it took out of me mentally and ... physically (I think I drew so many pages one of those days that I bruised my index finger) I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing this and finishing it on time. I can't wait to actually introduce the main characters and such if this goes over well.

    I still haven't finished the final step yet, which is die. But I guess that can wait. In the meantime, enjoy the comic, or hate it. This first issue was essentially a test. Now I wait and see whether or not continuing the story is worth the time and effort, althought I put all I had into each page, so maybe that'll be enough.

    TL;DR Until then, Happy New Year to any random people who happen to see this, and enjoy the uh. The comic? Do that plz.
    Now I can finally enjoy my beer.
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