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    Tama's art stuffs

    So this is where I'll put most of my stuff. I'll probably put WIPs here so I can get critiques of them at a time they can be edited more easily. If I actually produce finished work I'll make an Artist alley thread. Dunno though, I kind of don't like the idea of posting things not up for critique.

    Right now I'm in the more initial stages of a couple projects, so a lot of what I've produced this year are prelim and concept sketches. I haven't had much time, so I haven't got much finished work.

    In other info, I'm a traditional artist. At some point I'd like to expand my digital abilities further. I work comfortably in semi-realism, but I do full manga style when the subject suits it. I also design costumes. I generally draw either OC's or illustrate written characters for which I have no visual reference.

    So, anyways, here is just some collected stuff from this year:

    These are from a project request. The orcish creatures are described as almost made out of bone. I take no credit for the creation of these characters, only for their representation in these illustrations based on the author's description.

    This one is early, and the shape is still bulky. I'm referencing samurai armor. Here they look too tough and put together, they are supposed to be more crude. Yes I know it's on lined paper.

    This one is bare headed and more feral. This is probably a final design. I've been making them long and lanky, long, apelike extension in the arms as if they almost could walk on their knuckles. Think Hydra from the Nausicaa comics.

    Sword designs from the same project. The sabers with the basket hilts are used by the human party, the vaguely Scottish Claymores by the orc creatures. The dark spike on the creature's heads was specified in the text, and I tried to mirror the crystalline texture in the hilt of the sword.

    A partially finished battle drawing for the same project. The girl is a set character, I have a profile sketch of her somewhere. The creature is still unfinished, mainly because I am unsure of the physicality and clothes at this point. In fact they are mostly bare chested; I have a broken armor plate there. The head is cut off due to the size of my scanner, not much of it shows anyway.

    A map for the same project. It scanned very dark for some reason. It will be fully inked and in color. The textured patches around the mountains are lava pits.

    And some color tests for the map. Again they are very strong here, a little less vibrant in person. They are in copic markers over ink pen.

    And that's it for that project. I have more that's unscanned right now. I'll post some other stuff later, and in the meantime I'd like to know how to make spoilers so these aren't so annoyingly large. Also I can't figure out how to delete those two attachments, so sorry about that.
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