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Thread: Group board not working?

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    Group board not working?

    Hay so a couple of weeks ago I got on and was able to go on and draw just fine. now every time I try and get on it loads up and says connecting success the tools and things are there but the screen is gray. then pops up with disconnected connection was broken an established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.

    any Ideas?

    ive uninstalled java and installed it. mesed with the settings but I dont know what to do now. If you can help I would be very very happy. thanks

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    your settings r fine everyone is facing this problem.This also happened before so chill. Someone notified Rio it will be back soon. And check for this forum for group board
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    As Arsland has said, Yes it is down at the moment.

    We are doing everything we can to try and get it up again as soon as possible. I wouldn't get your hopes up of it being up soon though, we have had this problem before and it took months to fix.

    In the meantime we have some members researching into a backup GB for situations like this.
    Either myself or any other of the Mod's will keep you updated in the Groupboard thread.


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