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Thread: How do you feel about ultra-linear games?

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    no shoddy gameplay is gameplay that looks good on paper but doesnt perform. if ur game is a 2d sidescroller where all u do is jump and the jumping works perfectly, mission fucking accomplished ur game has solid gameplay. but if u build a game that has a bunch of different aspects that are supposed to work one way but just bug out all the time then u have shoddy gamplay. glitches are to be expected, fine, but if it's a constant thing or the premise falls shorter than advertised then ur game is ass. linear games are fine if the story is good. open world games are also fine if the gameplay is good. skyrim to me is kind of awful because the gameplay is not as intriguing as i think it should be, whereas dark souls which has a really open world jive to it is fuckin great because the gameplay mechanics are varied and require practice to master. every time i get a new weapon and get really good with it i feel like a martial arts master who has trained endlessly in the art of [insert weapon here] and has finally become acquainted enough to use it in pvp or move on to another thing. linear games like zelda or amnesia are awesome too because the atmosphere and environment and stories are good enough to make me want some more o' dat shit. thats all im sayin.

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    "no shoddy gameplay is gameplay that looks good on paper but doesnt perform."

    Pretty much what I meant in my original post, and why I mentioned Uncharted 1 cause I was too tired to type anything and passed out at my desk.

    I will say if a game has enough redeeming factors for it if it has a few gameplay fuckups, I'll still try and like it and probably overlook the issues. I had to do that with Arkham Origins and The Last of Us (oh my god the most immersion breaking thing EVER when you're busy sneaking past enemies that your AI can literally run right by full speed and never be seen.)
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