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Thread: The Weekly Theme Challenge. Theme #10: MARTIAL ARTS

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    The Weekly Theme Challenge. Theme #10: MARTIAL ARTS

    Welcome to the Weekly theme challenge.

    Theme of this week is: MARTIAL ARTS

    The idea of this thread is to have 1 theme for each week to challenge you, the members of, to draw.

    Each week, there will be a new theme posted on the first and the last post that will be short, simple and open for any improvements. These themes could be anything from "cats" to "Final Fantasy". So pay attention to the weekly theme and let your imagination be printed for the world to see.
    This is a challenge and not a contest. It is to see how good you guys are to draw arts from 1-2 words and for you to prove your artistic skills to us.

    Last weeks entries:
    #9 Star Wars

    By: eltoroguaco

    Week 1-5
    SPOILER! :

    Entries of week #1
    SPOILER! :
    Theme: Innocence.

    By: Sherbert, AlmanacnamedTime, yrowre, JJJorgie and eltoroguaco

    Entries of week #2
    SPOILER! :

    Theme: Back to school.

    By: JJJorgie, Shadowsfade and AlmanacnamedTime

    Entries of week #3
    SPOILER! :

    Theme: Autumn.

    by: JJJorgie, Shadowsfade and trilokcool3

    Entries of week #4
    SPOILER! :
    Theme: Pandas

    by: trilokcool3 (x2), Rubisko, JJJorgie and nextweek

    Entries of week #5
    SPOILER! :
    Theme: Sports

    By: Demonfyre, JJJorgie and trilokcool3

    week 6-10
    SPOILER! :

    Entries of week #6
    SPOILER! :
    Theme: Battle

    By: trilokcool3, BunnyVoid, atreyov, Clockhand & Prince of Angels

    Entries of week #7
    SPOILER! :
    Theme: Gangnam Style

    By: eltoroguaco

    Entries of week #8
    SPOILER! :
    Theme: Halloween

    by: BunnyVoid, JJJorgie, BunnyVoid, Corastaur, BunnyVoid

    • Every entrance has to be uploaded as a .png or .jpg and posted as a comment to this thread.
    • Do not critique the entries of other members. This thread is to make and show the arts, not critique them.
    • Every art must be made by you.
    • The arts submitted must be made during the week of the theme.
    • Nudity has to be placed within "Spoiler" tags.
    • Follow the forum rules. No necromancing, double post... etc.

    Q: How many entries can we make?
    A: You can make as many entries you want for each week, as long as you stick to the rules.

    Q: Who decide the themes?
    A: I will decide it for the most part. However, I will once in a while give you the chance to give ideas and/or vote for the next week's theme.

    Q: Can we come with suggestions for the themes?
    A: Yes, any suggestions are allowed. Maybe exactly that suggestion will be the next theme?

    Q: How important is the theme for the picture?
    A: The picture has to include the theme and it must be clear, though it does not have be the main focus of the picture.
    For example, if the theme is "Cat", you can draw a lady holding a cat or a cat sitting in a tree. Though you can not draw a forest with the cat as a small dot in the background or eyes in a bush.

    Q: Will the new theme arrive at the start of each week?
    A: No. As this thread was created in the middle of a calendar week, the next theme will arrive every 7th day from that date.
    Ends on Thursdays with the new theme around midnight to Friday.

    Q: Do we have to draw in a manga style?
    A: No. You can draw the theme in any art style you want.

    Hope that was enough information for you to go. If there's any questions, feel free to ask them as a comment.
    Next theme on, Thursday 22nd of November at 11.59pm CST (5.59am GMT)
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