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    I don't know is there such topic or no, since all forums are inherently strict, they:
    • don't allow multiple topics with same theme, even if they're created by different people
    • don't allow bumping old topics - even if you already have something to say and you have a reason

    I just want to ask: Does somebody here use MikuMikuDance? I use it, however you fellow Mangakas might treat this software as cheap replacement for the Great Art of AnimeŽ ŠJapan 1950-2013, where you should draw everything by hand frame by frame with 4 FPS rate.

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    It must be 25 fps, and drawn in ur own blood and/or feces

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    sounds like a passive-aggressive attack on the tried and true art of real animation triumphing over 3d parlour tricks

    besides mmd is for scrubs pros use programs like unity3d, 3ds max, maya, or blender foundation for animation

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