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    Because a synopsis won't show the detail, like facial expression or emphasis on dialog, that an artist would need to draw the characters within the 'feel' and context of each scene. And that's what I need the artist to see. How to draw the characters, and how to frame the pictures so that they fit with the 'feel' of the scene, and the episode as a whole. Because that can have an impact on which angle the characters are drawn from, whether certain images should be close-ups or medium shots, etc. The artist has to draw all that, and make it 'fit' with the voice acting. To my understanding, seeing the fully-scripted episodes would be the best way to do that.

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    Okay you're not understanding what I'm suggesting to you. Use the thread as a means of finding people to help you, then give them the full script. You don't need to post the whole thing in the thread.

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    Okay, now I understand. But I don't feel like typing out a synopsis for every episode (when I write, I write the script from beginning to end. No synopsis, etc). It's been a very busy week. So I think I'll just delete the second post.

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    I've had this happen to me on multiple occasions with the forum. Some tips to help:

    - If you expect a long post, occassionally preview it while typing. If it crashes, you can hit back and all text up to the most recent preview will still be there.
    - Like Haya suggested, break up your post into multiple parts.
    - Before submitting a thread, copy the whole thing. If it errors, you can paste it back in and trim it.
    - If you're really stuck, copy the post into a word document, then copy just a little bit from the doc and paste it into the thread, then post it. Then go back in and edit it, pasting in smaller sections at a time. Not the preferred method because it's a pain, but a good last-ditch attempt.

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    Yeah, I learned that the hard way.

    One annoyance is that when I pasted it to the board, it didn't paste the underlines to any words. So I was going through the whole script and re-underlining certain words. That took time.

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    As far as the setting is in the forum, there is no limit on how long your posts can be. I think this has something to do with the limit set by the web host though so I'll have a chat with them.

    In the meantime, Fenn's suggestions seem like the way to go for now.


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