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Thread: Another Cheap but amazingly good alternative to Cintiq

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    Another Cheap but amazingly good alternative to Cintiq

    Still gonna finish my DIY Cintiq before getting any of these :C

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    Teacup Ninja Tots Cloudy's Avatar
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    woah, I may actually need this in my life.

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    One Thousand Member Matt's Avatar
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    Holy balls, that's cheap. I want one, provided the apparent problem with multi-monitor setups gets fixed eventually (currently you have to mirror your monitors, from what I've read).

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    Yeah, I really hope it can get fix, This would be freaking amazing!

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    Ying Yang Member spidergoth's Avatar
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    I've been looking at monoprice tablets...not this one because I'm not a pro and have never used a tablet for drawing yet so I figure I should start with something basic. I did though recently found out about Huion tablets, which are cheaper but I don't know if that would mean the quality is worse. My boyfriend tried surprising me by taking me to the electronics store and picking up a wacom...which to me is yes I appreciate the gift but I'd rather him not spend unnecessary amounts of money when there are cheaper alternatives.

    So I'm just wondering if anyone knows much about the Huion and how it would compare to a Monoprice?

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    another good alternative is the tegra note 7 if you want a sketching device on the go


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