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Thread: Seddy's art stuff~ **Lots of Nudity**

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    Seddy's art stuff~ **Lots of Nudity**

    I've hit a wall with my art, and I need help getting over it. ; _ ;

    If you can lead me in the right direction, that'd be awesome. =DDDD

    I lost most of my recent artwork when my HD crashed, so I'll post what I managed to scrape up, and my works over the past week or so.

    I also have a really bad habit of not completing anything.

    Ignore the right arm on this one, I'm still getting around to shortening it a bit. ;D

    This is. Uggg. I forgot what I was doing with this one.

    I hate it so much I wish it were dead.

    Hyung Tae Kim homage! Woooo! <3
    *Super incomplete*

    Yet another painting I decided to drop halfway through.
    This one's about 4 months old now.

    Found this on my photobucket, this is the under-sketch for the above painting.

    All I have left are recent studies I did.
    I lost so much art when my HD died, holy shit.

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