Hey Ppl from MT.

I'm here now fpr some Days and i have to say: "I like it here xD"

I really don't know if i can stand too harsch crit's, but i think i'll give it a try.
Please keep in Mind, i just started to draw Stuff. ^_^

So i hope that with your Help and maybe a little Guidance im going to become better, maybe even good
Cause i saw many Lineart, Characters and Pictures as i went through the Forums. And i have to say
that my first impression on most of em were

I started by lokking for a nice Picture on the Internet i could try to "redraw" freehand and this is the First Picture im
going to Post in here but im going to Post more. xD
I also just finished my first Anime-like Head WITHOUT Helplines or the Complete Circle (I bet most of you know what i mean by that) xD

So, heeeere Comes my first "redraw" (Who can recognize who's it going to be? ^_^)

And a little Closer:

Pictures taken by Mobile and put on Comp by Bluetooth (I hope thats okay )
Later i'll start Coloring and rebuilding em in CG, but first, i wanna learn moar xD

Sooooo, lemme hear what you gotta say (but please be gentle xD)