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Well as you said, everything we make is based on what we already know. Well then, if we do this by default, why do we need reference?

No I said everything has basically already been created. Can you draw the human skeleton for me right now? No reference. I want it detailed and labeled.
You don't have to use reference at all if you dont want to. But that also means that you have to accept that your work will allways have flaws and be wrong. People will see it and point it out because maybe they have seen what it really looks like enough times to know.
To tell some one "No I ment for it to be that way because that's how I pictured it in my mind." would be extremely arrogant of an artist. Yet it's exactly how an artist that uses no reference will respond. Childish and delusional.

You can draw the human heart 1000 times with no reffrences but that doesnt mean it will ever be accurate or believable.