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Thread: What qualifies as art theft?

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    What qualifies as art theft?

    I'm sure that this topic could cover plenty of discussions (which have been touched on in past threads), but I will limit my post to this.

    I recently came across this image (posted July 26, 2012), which, in my opinion, bears a striking resemblance to this image (posted Nov 24, 2011). I decided to check the comments to see if anyone else had noticed this similarity. After digging through all 41 pages, I found these comments:

    (No response.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Giuliabeck Jul 27, 2012
    did you take inspiration from here?

    (See the original comment and responses here.)
    Quote Originally Posted by kimmerbe Jul 31, 2012
    Well done! But I've seen this before.. Right here:


    I think you should've mentioned it. (wherever you found it) just to give the artist some credit..
    (See the original comment and responses here.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Niffler13 Jan 23, 2013
    This is a beautiful piece but I wish you would link the original artist's image and name along with it, seeing as though the meaning might've changed, but the image itself is practically identical.
    I understand that the images themselves do look relatively different. This girl has obviously given some thought to the concept behind this image, and denies ever having seen the other image prior to posting hers. I also recognize that the ideas of revealing one's inner self, particularly through the removal of a mask/skin/undressing/etc. (or something along those lines) are not uncommon ones. However, I cannot shake the feeling that these two remain markedly similar in execution. v

    The removal of a "shirt" that cuts off at almost the exact same point on the hips, revealing nothing beneath but ribs, a spine and some hip bones (aside from the glowing heart, the only truly unique element, in the most recent image). Both figures face similar directions. One figure is wearing pants, the other does not appear to be and so is cut off at a higher point. Does this go for or against the artist's claim?

    So, my questions to you:

    1. Do you believe that these images are as similar as I do?
    2. If so, do you think this was purely a coincidence, as she claims?
    3. Is it possible that she had, in fact, seen the image, forgot about it and subconsciously imitated it? (Is this in any way a problem?)
    4. Do you think she might be lying and that her image was inspired by the other or intentionally copied?
    5. Am I just slightly crazy, sleep deprived and maybe have too much time on my hands? > . >
    6. If yes to #4, do you believe it's wrong to deny credit for inspired work?
    7. And while I DO NOT consider this art theft, it made me wonder: how far do YOU think inspiration goes before it becomes theft?

    Obviously it's a fuzzy area, and it's not very clear with this image, but there is a line which can be crossed, as seen here and here.

    SPOILER! :
    Question 5 is rhetorical, in case you can't tell.
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