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    If you have a holiday where everyone gets together and eats a bunch of stuff, what is it that you eat?

    Do tell and do not ignore the details. Post recipe for delicious stuff if you wish.

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    well we eat lots of good things we have:

    -green olives
    -black olives
    -dill pickles
    -kosher pickles
    -celery and cheese
    -deviled eggs
    -cranberry sauce
    -sweet potatoes
    -baked potatoes
    -mashed potatoes
    -english peas
    -potato salad
    -german potato salad
    -sweet rolls
    -yeast rolls
    -pecan pie
    -pumpkin pie
    -apple pie
    -blueberry pie
    -rubarb pie
    -sweet potato pie
    -cool whip
    -pumpkin cool whip
    -chocolate cool whip
    -mixed berry cool whip
    -choc chip cookies
    -and last but not least buttered toast

    we usually have more than 75% of the items on this list but this year it is just 5 of us for feast day so we will probably only have 30% of the spread and no flan

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    MEAT! lots of meat. Lamb, pork, chicken~
    Potato salad is a favorite, as are mini sausage rolls.

    also desert mmmm ;>

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    Yesterday, for Thanksgiving dinner, we had Marinated venison backstrap over cheese grits topped with a cream sauce that contained shrimp, scallops, and crab. Usually, though, we just have fried chicken. With it, we had hash brown casserole, waldorf salad, asparagus, rolls, and some cranberry jello stuff (the regular side dishes for my family).
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