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Thread: Secret Santa 2013

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    Secret Santa 2013

    Reposting this from last year's thread:

    What it is essentially everyone will post requests, I will include all of them in this post, after a week or two i will send everyone an email with the request they will be doing.

    Even if it is the greatest piece of art you have done please don't post it anywhere that people on mt will find it.

    Sometime close to Christmas (to be decided later to accommodate people going away for Christmas) I will post a thread where everyone reveals there picture and says whose it is.

    If you want to take part post a request of what you would like.
    -Dont make it too complicated . Not everyone taking part is going to have a ton of time to draw something insane
    -Try to be specific. If you want you could even post reference pics
    -If you post in here YOU ARE TAKING PART don't post here and then later say you aren't doing it. Obviously there's not much I can do to stop you, just don't
    -Nothing racially/ethnically/what-have-you offensive, please.

    You may ask questions regarding any of the requests in this forum and discuss them ONLY BEFORE I SEND OUT THE PMS. This way people know more about the requests and can offer opinions without people knowing whose they are doing just remember you could be doing any one of them. Please do this only before I send out the PMs telling you whose you have.

    Please post your requests and ask your questions BEFORE 12:00am on Thursday December 6. That's 12:00am by whatever country's time you're in (I'm up late usually, so I'll be checking this thing according to US Central time--but I'm not going to be a jerk about the exact time.

    Also, last thing. As December 25 gets close, if you're gonna be late, LET ME KNOW, because whoever hasn't posted, I'm going to get started on that art for whoever requested it. Please be kind! Let me know if you're running late!
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    She has spoken and so we must obey!

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    YAY! thanks so much jj! ur so awesome!!!

    my list contains:
    1. Sexy Couple Picture of my characters Raven Knight and Lily Silver
    SPOILER! :

    2. Badass bunny with gasmask like my avatar
    3. Fanart of my Bias of boyband EXO, Huang Zi Tao (preferably with his hair blonde)
    SPOILER! :

    yay! jj sooooo amazing!
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    Well, I'm gonna take part again. I guess that obligates me to put a request in:

    1 (HARD MODE). Draw the characters in the spoiler playing classical guitar and violin with each other with a fluffy alpaca standing behind them.
    SPOILER! :

    Well, without the arrows sticking out of them, that is. Character profiles for enhanced precision:

    (pic by Seefy)
    (and my rendition)
    Naomi Revere
    Age: 20
    Hair: Dark brown, tied in a waist-length braid
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Brown
    Clothes: Covering all but her arms and face; a wholly practical fashion sense with little concern for aesthetics
    Body type: Athletic, built like someone who's fought for her life on multiple occasions; has scars in various places
    Musical instrument: Classical guitar

    Miola Revere
    Age: 18
    Hair: Black, medium-long (bottom of shoulder blades), worn either loose or in a rough ponytail
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Slightly darker brown than her sister
    Clothes: Loose, somewhat skimpy, though not chainmail bikini skimpy; think of a dancer who knows she needs to travel a lot
    Body type: Thinner, conditioned for aesthetic appeal, not combat
    Musical instrument: Violin

    They have pointy elf ears, despite what the Miola picture suggests.

    The Alpaca, whose name is Llama, who carries the sisters' stuff.

    If you finish the picture, you have a ton of time left, and you want to do more: draw a crowd around them (keeping in mind this is set in a fantasy version of South America) and an 1800s small quasi-Brazilian city as the backdrop.

    2 (MEDIUM MODE). Draw the character in the spoiler sitting on the edge of a half-pipe in a skate park with the characters described on either side of her.
    SPOILER! :

    Kasey Santini
    Age: 16
    Hair: Shoulder-length, brown, mostly covered in a hat
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Tan (unlike the girls in the first spoiler, Kasey is Caucasian)
    Clothes: Not entirely feminine, baggy, not really showing off her shape
    Body type: Althletic, thin

    Shannon West
    Age: 17
    Hair: Long, blond
    Eyes: Light blue
    Skin: Lighter than Kasey's, lightly tanned
    Clothes: Skintight shorts, long T-shirt
    Body type: Curvy

    Luke Calaway
    Age: 16
    Hair: Medium-length, brown
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Lighter than either girl; not quite pale
    Clothes: Casual, T-shirt or sleeveless and jeans or basketball shorts; maybe give him a hat if you want
    Body type: Athletic

    Also, give them skateboards, and have Kasey look like she's considering how to use one properly with prosthetic legs.

    3 (EASY MODE). Draw Sierra Summer (pictured in the spoiler) doing something adorable and/or sexy, like hugging a big dog, or having a popsicle melt on her. Or having a popsicle melt on her while petting a dog. I dunno. Do whatever you want with this one.
    SPOILER! :
    Back when I was 15 or 16, Rei drew Sierra a bunch for me (if he ever shows up again, I want to throw money at him), and because of his awesomeness, I have quite a few reference pictures that are better than anything I've drawn of her.
    And here:

    Sierra Summer
    Age: 15 (Please reduce her breast size to fit her age; I was kind of a hormonal idiot at 15 and hadn't taken physiology yet)
    Hair: Long, white, either loose or in a ponytail
    Eyes: Pinkish/red
    Skin: Pale
    Clothes: Completely up to you
    Body type: Thin and short

    4 (EXTRA). Draw a mermaid leaping out of the water at a schooner with a harpoon in hand, with the schooner's crew drawing sabers or old pistols.

    Clarification: don't do all of these. Just do one. Unless you really want to do them all, I certainly won't complain.
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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    normal mode
    draw attack on souls or attack on dark souls fanpic should contain lots of praising the sun, mlg pro things, and true american heroism
    some pics to go by
    SPOILER! :

    easy mode
    draw sooper sayin' gohkoo fightan the worldsmasher chaoshandergiantdadbuildforpatch1.06 they should be powering up their bass cannons

    casul mode
    draw giantdad doin cool things maybe praisin the sun idk whateva filthy casual

    look basically whatever u do ur gonna have to draw dark souls but in case IN CASE u really dont like dork souls for some reason i am ok with a guko vs virginia picture

    also if u dont like dbz then get out my face scrub

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    Ill join, something hot on chocolate ;D Include boobs please C: ( not nudes )

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    Ookayy im in~
    I'd like tangled(the disney movie) fanart of Rapunzel, or maybe my favourite animal: a frog.
    Or my oc wip
    Or or or Mawaru Penguindrum fanart, or even Lady Koto from Kyousougiga!
    Anything would be great!

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    I am so down! Let December come!

    HARD MODE!!!!!!
    Draw my character Kat, using her Katana to slay a horde(you decide what constitutes a horde) of Christmas elf yakuza, while wearing festive reindeer antlers.

    Dragonball fanart, featuring Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi building a snowman.

    Easy mode.
    Beastie Boys fanart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doghateburger View Post
    Ill join, something hot on chocolate ;D Include boobs please C: ( not nudes )
    can you please explain what you mean by "hot on chocolate"??

    would it be okay to draw a volcano on top of a chocolate bar? (the volcano would have boobs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil_Cake View Post
    a volcano on top of a chocolate bar? (the volcano would have boobs)
    That was the exact image in my head!
    Quote Originally Posted by Demonfyre View Post
    She has spoken and so we must obey!

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    Then this is a really important question...

    I personally hope to never see that image brought into reality


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