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    Secret Santa 2013

    Reposting this from last year's thread:

    What it is essentially everyone will post requests, I will include all of them in this post, after a week or two i will send everyone an email with the request they will be doing.

    Even if it is the greatest piece of art you have done please don't post it anywhere that people on mt will find it.

    Sometime close to Christmas (to be decided later to accommodate people going away for Christmas) I will post a thread where everyone reveals there picture and says whose it is.

    If you want to take part post a request of what you would like.
    -Dont make it too complicated . Not everyone taking part is going to have a ton of time to draw something insane
    -Try to be specific. If you want you could even post reference pics
    -If you post in here YOU ARE TAKING PART don't post here and then later say you aren't doing it. Obviously there's not much I can do to stop you, just don't
    -Nothing racially/ethnically/what-have-you offensive, please.

    You may ask questions regarding any of the requests in this forum and discuss them ONLY BEFORE I SEND OUT THE PMS. This way people know more about the requests and can offer opinions without people knowing whose they are doing just remember you could be doing any one of them. Please do this only before I send out the PMs telling you whose you have.

    Please post your requests and ask your questions BEFORE 12:00am on Thursday December 6. That's 12:00am by whatever country's time you're in (I'm up late usually, so I'll be checking this thing according to US Central time--but I'm not going to be a jerk about the exact time.

    Also, last thing. As December 25 gets close, if you're gonna be late, LET ME KNOW, because whoever hasn't posted, I'm going to get started on that art for whoever requested it. Please be kind! Let me know if you're running late!
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