Hello there,

As you guessed I'm french (sorry in advance if my english is bad).

What can I say about me? Hmm...
That's supposely a bad thing since I'm old but.. I still like to watch anime and read manga when I got free time.

My favorite type would be Shonens & Mechas ! (おとこだから。。)
I'm also a Java/C++ developer (and love game developement ! Still not a pro though )

Anyway, I've reached the point where I want to be able to create my own characters/backgrounds (manga-oriented). I guess I had to learn it someday, can't be helped, and since this website seems rather enjoyable, I decided to drop by and learn here.

So let me get this straight : I'm a total newbie !
The only thing I can draw is a square box (or eventually a Smurf...?) .. I think that learning how to draw properly might take one year, or two, or more...(?) So I might be here for quite some time ^^.

それじゃ よろしく。