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    Talking My Manga: Puppeteer

    Hey everyone! I've been making this manga, or at least the idea of it, for about 3 years now. I haven't been able to really ask anyone to critique it since its conception until now, of course.
    (By the way, I can't draw for my life so I had to use a anime character maker to show my characters. I'm deeply sorry for that.)

    An evil man named Zedekiah Zedekiah.jpghas taken over the planet Puppet and has been doing so for the last couple thousand years. His next target is Earth and small rebel group on Puppet won't take it but they need help from an unlikely hero from Earth, Reed NiseReed Kensai.jpg. Reed is a regular adopted child from Earth who, like the rest of the world, doesn't know anything about this planet or its affairs but he soon learns that he must once he is brought to Puppet to work up to Zedekiah and dethrone him and end his reign of terror. The way he does so is by learning the art of Puppeteering which involves its user to manipulate atoms of objects, enemies, or even themselves like strings to fight. This allows users to form weapons made from debris, make an enclosure out of their surroundings or even transform into air and remerge elsewhere. Reed will gain friends throughout his quest, learn new skills and prepare himself to eventually challenge, and hope to, defeat Zedekiah and his Imperial order.
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