So I started playing pokemon black & white and I want to train at least one pokemon in a proper way. I have 2 Sawks and I don't know which one to train properly and which is going to get his life ruined by an awful training.

Sawk 1.
Lvl 15
Bold Nature (+Defense -Attack)
Likes to Run (speed boost)
HP 49
Attack 38
Defense 30
Sp. Attack 16
Sp. Defense 30
Speed 34

Sawk 2.
Lvl 12
Timid Nature (+Speed -Attack)
Likes to Fight (attack boost)
HP 41
Attack 34
Defense 24
Sp. Attack 13
Sp. Defense 25
Speed 28

Which one should I train, and which one should I screw?

Also, how can I fix my starting pokemon? as I made him fight any shit I found, so now I think his EV are screwed.