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Thread: The Final Fantasy Thread~

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    Because the game is linear that 'linear' barely begins to describe it? Because even brainwashed FF fangirls and fanboys panned it? Because the entire 'gameplay' consists of little more than holding forward on the thumbstick and hitting a button now and then? Because the game's plot is boring and uninteresting and tries to pander to both Western and Eastern audiences at the same time and in doing so creates something that appeals to neither?

    Final Fantasy still has amazing presentation these days, but they have nothing to present anymore. It's all sound and fury signifying nothing. To quote a fellow Goon:
    "Sakaguchi and SquareSoft's Final Fantasy is gone, and it's never coming back. Square Enix's Final Fantasy is factory-assembled, market-tested, megabudget tripe; and because of the brand name's near-universal recognition, the massive budgets at Square Enix's disposal, and the ease with which its presentation can knock putty-mided critics and fanboys into fawning trances, it's just going to keep pumping out its mediocre products until the end of civilization as we know it, warping the landscape of pop culture and breeding smug, obsessive devotees convinced that their playing Final Fantasy games is a badge of intellectual and cultural superiorty.
    Don't buy any more Final Fantasy games. Please. It will just encourage Square Enix to keep making more of them. It may be far too late for the series to die with dignity, but it neverthless deserves to die."
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