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Thread: Prince of Angels' Heaven of Artwork (Critiques Appreciated!)

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    Prince of Angels' Heaven of Artwork (Critiques Appreciated!)

    Well, hey again. :3 I have three (amatuer (I started getting into anime/manga art like 3 days ago, which is a long backstory, if you want I'll tell you, but it took like 30 mins talking to my Dad about it. :3)) pieces I'd like for you to critique:

    I can give a super long backstory for why I drew this one, but if you want to hear it I'll tell you, just not here.

    Just a practice drawing. With a lot of eraser lines. <_> Sorry about that, I liked this one better than the Photocopy.

    Sorry for the huge pics, I'm going to try and resize them ASAIC.

    Thanks in advance!
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