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Thread: Hello! (Again) I am Prince of Angels! (Again)

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    Hello! (Again) I am Prince of Angels! (Again)

    Yup, yup. What the title said. I have announced my arrival here and I hope to be a contribition to teh world of manga/anime art. I guess I should tell you people about myself, eh? Here we go:

    Likes: Anime/Manga Art (Derpduh), Video Games (Particularly MMO Games and Final Fantasy), and reading (Legend, Hunger Games, etc.).

    Dislikes: Certain Qualities on the internet: Those who can't spell/use proper grammar ("i" "r" "u", etc.), those who think they know what they are talking about (Da old ffs are sucky!), and trolls (Do I have to explain?). Barky Dogs (You have no idea >.>) and Dark Chocolate (Don't hurt me! >_<).

    As I said before, I video games. If you'd like to know the ones I play here thare the top 3 in playing time order:

    1): Spiral Knights. (Look it up fellows. :3)

    2): Final Fantasy VII. ( Yeah, I said it. :3 Brilliant soundtrack and story line, the graphics are awesome, you may disagree, but that's only because you have played Call of Duty, Left for Dead, etc.)

    3): Final Fantasy XIII (Recently started playing this one, and I have to say, its wicked awesome, sound track and graphics especially).

    Well, that's all I can think of at the moment, if you have any questions, ask me and thanks for reading! (Allthough, I am not an all-powerfull being (Like Kefka :3) so I don't expect you to be asking questions and wanting attention, I just thought I'd put that up there :3). I'll just leave you with this:
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