So guys, I'm one of those people who totally believes in the paranormal.

Lately at work I've been feeling like there is something watching me and if I walk into a darker area then I start feeling like something wants to injure me. There are certain areas where I do not clean because the closer I get the more I feel like I'll get hurt if I go there. Recently I came across a door labeled "Ghost Town" probably as a joke to scare workers.

I decided to ask my boss about it. She said that that part of the building had housed homeless people for a few years and that when employees tried to clean it they would start hearing noises. Of course my boss would've made up a good story if she was in on the joke.

One of my friends worked this job and he quit recently because of these feelings. He didn't tell me about this until now, which makes me wonder more about if he was just trying to find someone willing to take the job so he could quit. I got this job thinking, "Oh, hey it's money right?" Now, I know why they were so desperate to fill the position that they streamlined me through the process.

I don't know if I should continue working or what.

Have you guys ever had experiences like this?

Do you even believe in the paranormal?