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Thread: The Super-Hero Thread [RUNNING]

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    Lightbulb The Super-Hero Thread [RUNNING]


    Imagine you having incredible powers...lifting buildings, flying over moutains, or having laser vision. Capture this vision in your head, and draw the "super you" to your hearts desire.


    -Make the person look like you, including facial features, body structure, height, age, and gender. For example, if your fifteen, make your character look fifteen, not twenty-five.

    -Give yourself an awesome outfit.

    -Give yourself in-human abilities, but be creative! I don't want to see super-man genderswaps here, I want to see people who can control space and time!

    -Tell us about your character! Include a profile with or in your artwork, template is displayed below.


    -You can make more then one character, but define them from your others if so.

    -Only partial nudity allowed

    SPOILER! :
    Profile Template:

    Name: Your real name.

    Super Name: Your super-hero's name.

    Gender: Male or Female

    Age: How old are you?

    Abilities & Powers: EX: Controls gravity.

    Protectorate: Who or what do you protect?

    Hometown: Where we're you born? (Doesn't have to be your real birth place.)

    Personality: EX: Dark

    Description: Other info.
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