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Thread: What are the best games you have ever played?

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    Yeah I have it. 90$ for a new copy these days. (got it used)

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    Geeze. I just bought a new disk a while ago for £15 (About $30ish) on ebay... But I guess nobody even knows what it is over here.

    Reg's top 10, for old times sake;

    1) Silent Hill 2
    2) Jet Set Radio Future
    3) Sonic 2 to 3D Blast.
    4) No More Heroes
    5) Timesplitters 2 to Future Perfect
    6) Megaman 1 to Zero 4.
    7) Metal Slug
    8) Panzer Dragoon Saga
    9) Armored Core FA
    10) Shadow of the Colossus

    Such a massive pile of other stuff I wanna mention, but the list would go on forever...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outcast View Post
    You should totally get pso2 and play with me.
    I totally am and will. When it finally releases stateside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClockHand View Post
    The amount of skyrim on this thread concerns me.
    May mighty Akatosh smite thee for blasphemy, explain yourself!

    @Reg - Yaaay for Silent Hill

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    - Tales of Symphonia
    - Braid
    - Cave Story
    - Megaman ZX (aka Rockman ZX)
    - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
    - Dark Souls
    - Spelunky
    - Rise of Nations
    - Civilisation IV
    - ZDoom (play the mods)
    - Dungeon Keeper 2
    - We Love Katamari
    - GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer (roleplay servers, naturally)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenn
    You forgot your F in Modesty.

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    Cave story was uber fantastic.

    Too bad it looks like Pixel isn't interested in making a sequel. :/

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    1-Dark Cloud 2
    2-Dragon Warrior Monster 2
    3-Pokemon Sapphire
    4-Jet Grind Radio
    5-Jet set Radio Future
    6-Kingdom Hearts
    7-Final Fantasy VIII
    8-Guilty Gear X2
    9-Red Dead Redemption
    10-Half-Life 2

    Honorable mentions:

    Shadow of the Collossus, Dragon Quest 8, Twewy, FFVI-VII-X, Chrono Cross, Gran Turismo 4, Donkey Kong Country 2, Pokemon Yellow, Any F-Zero, Any Silent Hill, Metal Gear series, an Paper Mario 64.
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