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Thread: What is your game style?

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    I will play pretty much any RPG that has a good story element to it.
    I love the megami tensie series such as the persona games. I also like other styles of rpg like Dark cloud and Dark Chronicle
    Pokemon is great if only i had the pacience to ' catch em all ' and similar lol .
    And Il defend the Final fantasy series infinitly. I think 1 through 9 were the best of the series but the rest are by no means bad.
    The early final fantasies are what actually got me into RPG in the first place so ..ya

    Otherwise il play simulation like harvest moon orrr classic platformers ( new super mario brothers any one ) i like assasins creed and other stealth games like metal gear. Strategy games are good though i get addicted , same with building games like the tycoon series. Anything with a good story is worth a play in my opinion though. Oh and Heavy rain

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    The only kinds of games I really don't like are platformers (boring), and puzzles (even worse). I also don't like games that require a walkthrough to beat, i.e. Myst. I like games that have high-level action (i.e. Uncharted 2, Halo Reach) and action RPGs of any type (i.e. Oblivion, Tales series). Also, if a game has girls in it, they MUST be beautiful. I modded Oblivion heavily just so that the villagers would look a little better.

    I'm not sure I like static, turn-based fighting. That means most of the FF games. It's just too slow-paced for me. If a game's turn-based, it must have other options during battle, like the newer Mario & Luigi games on the DS.

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    I like action/adventure games. Helps if it has a good story, too. RPG's are fun, as long as the story's half decent.
    I am so not typing anything interesting...

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    Platforming, fighting, RPG, and shooting. Then I would try to fit a mountain bike somewhere in between there.


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