Yo everyone. I don't get on here much, especially as of late, but regardless, nice to meet you. I have created this topic today to assist in the solving of a particular problem I have. I need (well, technically want) to design different character emblems for a book my friend wrote for each individual character. However, I cannot seem to think of a way I'd go abouts making a design that looks good. I'm talking something with the character, chest up, maybe them in some sort of pose, bordered by something relating to them. But I can't think of any poses or anything, either. So, should someone have any assistance they'd like to loan me (or anyone else needing help), feel free to go full force below.

Oh, and Admins who'll probably have a look here, assuming I've set this up in the wrong place, could you let me know if you're going to move it? Thanks in advance~