The idea is this:

Go play this GAME (it will take a few minutes of your times) and tell your experience with it in here (with spoilers). From how you started, what did you thought you had to do, how did you confront it, etc. Be very analytic about it, and tell us (inside a spoiler tag) your whole experience.

Oh ya, don't read the experiences of other people if you haven't played the game. You are just going to run it for yourself.

The game was loading pretty fast and ones it was done I click Continue without realizing that I didn't read the rules, which concerned me at first as I saw the game which were just dots.

Then I start pressing the right arrow too see what happened, which lead me to see that this dot was moving to the side. Then I thought: "then the up and down arrows are going to move it in a vertical direction". So I pressed the up arrow, and the group of dots start moving, so I stopped to think: "if I can move my dot and those dots, probably I have to capture those dots, like clashing against them". So I start trying to capture the dots, to clash with them, but they just run away.

A new group of dots appear, I thought I was probably wrong and I had to evade the dots, so I tried, but the same thing happened. So I pressed down, without knowing what it could do. I thought the dots would come normally, so I wait some minutes and nothing happened. I thought it was over, but I deny the idea that this is over without trying other things, I didn't want to miss a possible experience from this, so I press the up and down button, without knowing what I was doing. After a while some dots appear and so I notice that I didn't move the dot groups with up or down, but I was just moving the "Events".
I try to get inside the dot groups, try to touch them, or something, but they just went away. So I notice: "okay, wait, I get this, this is about loneliness, so I'm forced to be alone, I'm never going to be part of those groups, so what's the point?".

Still I keep moving, I keep trying to touch other dots, but not thinking on "I'm going to find a dot I could touch" or something like that, I was just enjoying it, I was just thinking "you know, even so this is about being lonely, Its kinda hard to feel lonely if you keep pushing the up arrow, dots are still coming down, you are not lonely if you could get between so many dots". So I enjoy it, I was just happy to "touch" every dot I could, and when they went away I didn't care, it was in their nature, and it was in mine in just feel joy. So I wasn't alone.

But obviously the game got darker and darker, and in here it strikes me. This was not just about being alone, it was about the life of my dot, that he (or me) is going to die at the end, his life is going to end when the game finishes so I start questioning myself "is he going to be happy, he met a lot of other dots on the road, not the best friends for ever, but he made many friends, and there was nothing else to do, still, he never was like the others and he would never be like them, he is forced to die without other dots at his side". For some reason, while keep thinking on the value of his life I never stopped pressing the up arrow, it was in my nature to not stop death, to not stop the nature of things and to finally, enjoy it and be happy with what was given to me.

My finger, pressing the up arrow, was the fate and my dot had nothing to do against it. I make him meet a lot of other dots, touch them a little, pass through his life, is not much, but it was a very entertaining trip that I at least enjoy. And for me, whats mater is what he have and had, because even the most tinny touch between other dots, is something to be happy about.