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Thread: Your perfect death

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    Lord of Death jubeh's Avatar
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    Your perfect death

    How do you want to die?

    Surrounded by loved ones? In a duel to the death? Or do you not care?

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    Queen of the Curve Linz's Avatar
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    Personally I hope it's either naturally or by my own hands. I wouldn't like to be surrounded by loved ones.

    This is an awfully morbid topic. o_o Anything you wanna tell us about, Jubeh?

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    Caesar was surrounded by loved ones when he died, or at least he thought so.
    A bullet between the eyes would be quick, but I guess in my sleep would be best.

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    Suicide by asphyxiation is my preferred death, but I'm perfectly fine by dying due to natural reasons as I should have at birth. I don't particularly care where as long as it's not uncomfortable, preferably alone.
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    I call it many names. The two that seem to be most accurate tho are "Hell" and "Work".
    Self sacrifice. Save a person from death and die in the process. Then haunt that fucker and make sure they don't waste my gift.
    It'd probably be due to saving a family member.

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    Skydiving without a parachute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superdooperphailmachine View Post
    Skydiving without a parachute.
    I like this thinking.

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    want 2 get mauled by sasquatch or goat man

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Hang myself, poison myself, or bleed myself. That or I become a masked vigilante and sacrifice myself to save the world from some supervillain. The latter is extremely unlikely, but if I make it to 70 I'm just going to kill myself.

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    evilada>: Best suicide plan ever
    mcm310>: what is it?
    evilada>: you go up to the top of a roof
    evilada>: string piano wire tight across the front edge at neck level
    evilada>: tie a cord to your foot and the other end to the building so that you'll be above sidewalk level when its fully stretched
    evilada>: then you put super glue on your hands
    evilada>: and put your arms around the front of the wire and then back to touch your head
    evilada>: then you lean forward, so the piano wire cuts your neck but not your elbows
    evilada>: when the cord goes taut, youll be hanging upside down with no head....except your head will be in your outstretched arms thanks to gravity and the glue, staring at someone upside down and spewing blood everywhere.
    evilada>: And some poor bastard will be traumatized for LIFE.
    mcm310>: i dont think i can be your friend anymore

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