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    Hejin Fifty-Seven and

    This is where I post my art, I guess. Since descriptions and story don't matter as much as skill and drawing expertise, I'm just gonna post it up and see what people have to say. I've had friends look over it and give me opinions, but harsh critique is always the best kind in my opinion. Luckily they're all in pencil and I can fix them at anytime.

    EDIT: Fixed the neck width and the size of the right boot. The boot still seems a little big though, so I think I may go back in and fix it again.

    In case you might be wondering, the last four images are a storyboard rough I recently finished for an animated music video I actually plan on starting and finishing in the next two years. Yes, it's not scanned that well, and yes, it's on looseleaf. It's a rough, not a final version. But that's a whole 'nother story in itself. Critique is all I really need right now.
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