So I got my portfolio reviewed this year by some guy from Gestalt Comics.
Didnt go very well since

1. He doesnt know a lot about anime and manga format
2. I was extremely unprepared since I had a week to prepare one and I'm a lazy prick so I havent drawn many things.

SO here are some tips to get prepare yourself into getting your portfolio reviewed by comic publishers as an artist!

Please read this:

1. Publishers would want to see some environmental artwork in your portfolio.
2. Dynamic Poses are more interesting than static ones.
3. Expressions are important in your character.
4. Have a range in your portfolio.
5. Make sure you know anatomy, as well as you are consistent with drawing characters in panels (if you have comic work)

If you get a chance to get your portfolio viewed by a professional, do so! It is a great learning curve and would definitely help you in getting work from publishers in the future.

Feel free to post some more tips here!