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Thread: Lineart help ? (For SAI)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonfyre View Post
    With colouring I think it will just be a case of practicing over and over until you assume a style your happy with. What I like to do is I find pictures of colouring and shading etc and scrutinise it. For example in the style im trying to adapt the shading on the hair contrasts quite a lot from the base colour and is blurred only slightly with the base. Occasionally other tones are used as well, I believe this is cell shading but im probably wrong. Anyway my point is; study your influences and try to mimic them, with study and practice you should be able to adapt your own technique personally I like to have a picture on my phone open for quick referral if I get stuck but with each time I try it out the colouring comes out much better than previous you could also look about on deviantart for tutorials on cell shading, I believe that is the kinds colouring your looking for (if I'm wrong just disregard all I've said about cell shading)

    As for your lineart question, do you mean to literally hide it, or do you want ways to make it stand out less so you can bring more attention to the colouring?

    Hope this helped some more

    Cell Shading Tutorial for SAI:, just found it quickly and haven't had a chance to look through it but there are plenty of others if this one isn't the one for you
    Thx.I'll try to do that.
    I mean like show some of the black lines at some parts (or outer parts)

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    Well again I think you should consider messing about with line weight and even erasing parts of the lines completely if you wanted too, also as previously suggested using a grey rather than a black may help, unfortunately I'm not so sure how to do what your wanting there, but that would be where I would start to try and reach the desired affect

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    What lots of people tend to do who create the kind of work like your first link, is a bit of a mixture. They may erase some of the lines at certain bits where an outline isnt needed (eg the colour contrast is enough to create its own outline), they may have very thin lines so that you don't noticeably see it, so the colouring stands out more, but it's enough to create an "outline" (this also works similarly to making the lines a dark grey, as it makes the black less striking) and then they may change the colour of some of the lines to match the filling colour (ie for brown hair, changing the outlines to a slightly darker brown) so that it blends in more. Like demon said, study the pictures - in that first link you posted, you should be able to see most, if not all, of the different techniques I mentioned above.

    It may also help, if you haven't done so already, to look up speedpaints / tutorials on youtube - sometimes you can see how people change their lineart. Lots of the time you'll be surprised that they've just done normal black lines, but with a small brush and big canvas so that you don't really notice the lines once it's coloured. Hope this helps!


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