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Thread: Aesthetic Studies Thread.

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    Post Aesthetic Studies Thread.


    In this thread, we are proposing a study group to look at art through time, the aesthetics theories of each time period and even the later changes when aesthetic become less important, and other subjects arise on the art subject. By doing these studies, and applying their theories and concepts, we are trying to create a retrospective in our own art, techniques, theories and skills; trying to find a future self on a past study.


    The first step to call yourself an artist, to tell your work is an art form, or to distinguish (or to define) yourself and your work from design, animation, illustration or different art styles, is to ask ourselves: What is art?
    This complex question has been addressed by artists and philosophers for centuries. We still discuss its meaning and extension, making the over used “everything is art” more of a joke than an actual definition. There is no dictionary definition, nor an easy Wikipedia point where we can pick the definition and be done with this question; we need to ask ourselves and go deep not just on our own limited perceptions of what we know, but make a time travel tour for what this thing named “Art” meant for people, and so, at looking the evolution of it, we can grasp an idea to define this concept for ourselves.

    In one moment Art was beauty, and such thing was moral and true. It lived on the measure and proportions, from a mimic of reality to achieve pleasure. With time art started to separate itself from beauty, to find meaning, discussions or to play with human emotions on different levels and elements, making the discussion between object and subject more complex and deep (as psychology appear); no matter what, art changed and so the artist.


    For the sake of these studies, we are going to start by Tolstoy’s definition on art, which is: “Art is a human activity consisting in this, that one man consciously, by means of certain external signs, hands on to others feelings he has lived through, and that other people are infected by these feelings and also experience them.” This definition has affected us for years, making it a canon between artists around the world without even thinking; even so post-structuralism theorists might disagree. And even so Tolstoy prove by very strong arguments that Art doesn't equal to beauty, we are going to skip this idea, as we are going to see how both, through the history, have changed and how the same idea of Aesthesis -a philosophy branch that deals with beauty, art and taste-, challenges the idea of Art (reasons why A. Badiou start talking about Inaesthesis).

    But to reach the communication proposed by Tolstoy, the artist must know what he is doing, what he is proposing, and so, this bring a new proposition to the table, the one made by Movie Critic Hulk, which I have taken, manipulated and extended it for the sake of this study; “art is the integrity of all elements for the sake of art”. This idea, is central to achieve Tolstoy proposition on art, the artist must have complete integrity over the elements on the art piece and so the elements must provide a complete integrity for the sake of the purpose of art, the meaning, message or provocation; its goals.


    This is the central point of this thread, or better say the group we are making, we are proposing to study the history of art and aesthesis, to finally have complete control and integrity over the elements of our art pieces. Let’s travel through time, see, taste, feel and produce art pieces of different times, with their rules, to understand and to achieve the goals on our own actual art. Let’s find our own style in a mankind retrospection of art.

    We are going to make different threads for different periods, on those, we are going to present, artist examples, philosopher examples, the principal ideas, concepts and rules on art. And with it, you, the participant of this, are going to make an art work which is ruled by those ideas, examples, principles and concepts; experiment through what was done in the past and so later, ones we have seen most of the different period, you can see your own work and have a wider view on how to tackle your own art work, that might going to go against everything you learned, but first, you must learn it.

    Any question you have, you can ask to Toast, Byakuran, Rubisko and Me (ClockHand), as we are the ones proposing this thread and studies.

    Greek Art. --- Guided by ClockHand.
    Roman and Helenistic Art. ---- Guided by Byakuran.
    Middle Age Art. ---- Guided by Toast.
    Renaissance. ---- Guided by Rubisko.

    Mod should stick this thread, as we are going to link each thread to this one.

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    This is an awesome idea. Is it going to be one subject at a time, or all at once?

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    We're going to spend a few weeks on one subject at a time, as each includes assignments and a lot of info

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    Okay cool! Count me in!
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    We're gonna make so much fun stuff you guys! If you think this sounds interesting and you want to join, make sure that we know about it. Because while the info and assignments will be public here on the forums the real potential about this is to be a part of the study group, and we need to know how many we will be in that group so we know how to organize stuff.

    We have more planned for after the renaissance btw, but we don't want to think about it too hard yet.

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    I'll surely keep an eye on this!

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    Sounds great.
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