Glad folks started to comment on this thread again. Lots of lost souls out there who think this is the only option...feeling as if there's no one for support...feeling useless...full of regrets...chemically unbalanced...indebted to the point where's there's no end...into some serious life ending shit (crime, disease, etc;..) whatever.

Like Clock said, I'd wager that if anybody who's suicidal actually HAD someone truly concerned with they're well being, they'd opt to live. This supporter's job isn't easy though. They'd have to commit to actually being there emotionally for the suicidal person not matter what.

I've never been suicidal, but I've been through some really dark (and long) periods of depression where, had I not had someone to remind me that I am appreciated...and I do matter...and to keep fighting, I may have very well have fragged myself.