someone close to me tried to commit suicide just about a year ago. the asshole tried to stab himself in the heart but either the knife was too dull or he wasn't strong enough so it didn't cut through to get to his heart. after his parents found out about it they spent months and months shitting their pants worried he might do it again. they locked the rooftop door, took all the sharp objects out of the kitchen and did not let him go out of the house, which made it even worse for him.

now the thing is that him commiting suicide is not surprising, he had hit rock-bottom has a human being and his life was pathetic. but he didn't do it because of that, to my disappointment i found out he actually did it for love. now, euthanasia is another story but when you have a healthy mind and body, you still have a great potential for influencing the world. heck, if you don't care for your life at all, try to use it to save others atleast; then you wouldn't be a pathetic human being when you leave the world. thoughts of suicide only come after huge shocks that damages one aspect of your life permanently, it makes you think that every single thing in life is over. but when you actually look at the big picture it's the most stupid thing and the worst decision you can make in life.

if you hate your life then change it, it's a thousand times better than losing it.